Choosing a Modem Router Combo

If you are looking to considerably reduce your monthly fees of renting a modem from your ISP, and if you really want to get faster download speeds, then you should definitely consider getting a modem router combo. How can you choose a good model? If you are interested in purchasing such a device but you do not know what to actually get, then the following information will surely help you in choosing a modem router combo.

Do you actually need a modem router combo?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself before you actually go shopping. Do you want to reduce your monthly fees? Do you want to download files a lot faster? How often are you downloading large files? A modem router will significantly speed up the time it takes to download large files. Therefore, if you want to obtain these results, then you should definitely go for a device like this.

How to choose a good modem router combo

Choosing a modem router combo is not a hard job if you know exactly what details matter the most. Therefore, once you decide to purchase a unit like you should consider the following aspects. Look for a model that offers the latest Docsis 3.0 certification, in order to enable you to get faster potential cable speeds during peak usage hours. Furthermore, you should also look for a device that is certified for use with Xfinity Comcast time warner cable, cox+other ISPs. The download/upload speeds are also very important, and you should choose a modem router allows for up to 960MBPs of download speed and up to 200MBPs of upload speed.
The installation process is also very important. You certainly do not want to spend too much time on installing your modem router combo, and you definitely do not want to find this process too difficult, because it can be quite frustrating. Therefore, look for a unit that is very easy and quick to install. If you want a typical modem router combo, then you must not omit to call your cable company and check if they have the provisioning for that specific modem. You must make sure that the modem is on the provider-approved modem list. The warranty terms and return policies are also important aspects that will help you choose an excellent product.