Most Advanced Body Measuring Methods

If you want to stay healthy and live a quality life, then it is essential to take care of your body. You need to exercise regularly and also eat a very healthy diet. It is highly recommended that you go for the most advanced body measuring methods, in order to monitor all the changes your body goes through. By doing so, you will be able to know exactly if the weight you have is the right one and more.

Bioelectric impedance analysis

This is one of the most advanced body measuring methods. The Tanita BC554 body fat analyzer uses this innovative technology, in order to monitor very well your body. It is without a doubt more than just a regular scale. The Tanita BC554 body fat analyzer is excellent for anyone who really wants to seriously monitor their health and fitness. Knowing your body fat percentage is very important if you really want to follow a strict diet and exercise plan that will help reduce the risk of certain conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. This unit will also tell you the body water percentage, which is the total amount of fluid in your body expressed as a percentage of your overall weight. In order to make sure your body functions efficiently, you need to maintain a healthy body water percentage. The Tanita BC554 body fat analyzer will not only measure weight, body fat, and body water %, but it will also tell you your muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, bone mass, and visceral fat. All this information will surely help you live a very healthy life.

Hydrostatic weighing

This innovative procedure is based on the Archimedes principle of fluid displacement, and it is often called underwater weighing. This method is extremely accurate. What actually happens is that individuals are submerged under water and weighed. A water and a land weight are entered into equations in order to generate body fat percentage. Hydrostatic weighing can be quite intimidating since you need to wear a bathing suit, be completely submerged, and exhale as much air as possible. However, the results are excellent.

DEXA scan

A DEXA scan is a quick and painless method that helps you compare your bone density with the bone density expected for a healthy adult of your own age, gender and ethnicity. Th procedure involves lying on your back on an X-ray table so that your body can be scanned. The scan is usually carried out by a specialist in taking X-ray images. This type of scan will take around 5 minutes, although it depends on what part of the body is being scanned.