Most Reliable Sleep Tracking Systems

From wearables to in-bed gadgets, the technology for sleep tracking is getting smarter and smarter, but the devices’ overall effectiveness varies. Today, you can find on the market a large range of units that can help you monitor your sleep, but not all of them can provide an excellent result. In order to make the right choice, you should have a look at the following most reliable sleep tracking systems.

Wearable and fitness trackers

These units are the most popular these days, due to the fact that they provide wonderful results. They actually combine sleep tracking capabilities with other functions such as fitness monitoring, calorie intake, and heart-rate monitoring. Therefore, are absolutely great for those who exercise regularly as well. We strongly recommend the Jawbone UP3, which is one of the most advanced personal sleep trackers ever made. It will build a picture of your sleep using a range of advanced sensors such as bioimpedance. Moreover, it can also measure your breathing rate, heart rate, body temperature, and galvanic skin response.

Bed-based sleep tracking

If you do not want to wear a wristband in bed or you are not interested in gathering fitness tracking data, then you could go for one of the in-bed options for sleep monitoring. Beddit has created a very thin-film sensor unit which can easily and quickly be attached to your mattress. Using ballistocardiography, the sensor will accurately measure your heart-rate, respiration, and movement as well.

Non-contact sleep tracking system

The S+ by ResMed is the first personal sleep tracker that actually works without requiring any physical contact. It is very accurate when it comes to tracking light, deep, REM and wake stages. It can also compare your sleep score against the average for your gender and age, and measure light, noise, and temperature in the bedroom. A smart alarm will wake you up gently during a light stage of sleep. You can leave a text or a voice memo to clear your mind and relax before you go to sleep. A printable sleep report is available, in case you want to take it to your doctor. All in all, if you are looking for the most reliable sleep tracking systems, then you should confidently choose one of the devices presented in this article, as they are the best ones available on the market these days.