Reasons to Swap to Automatic Pool Cleaners

Owning a swimming pool is without a doubt absolutely wonderful. You and your family can swim and spend a great time together, whenever you want. What is truly important is the maintenance. You must know exactly what cleaning methods are best, in order to protect your health. For example, it is strongly recommended not to clean the water manually. For your information, here are some important reasons to swap to automatic pool cleaners.

Your pool will be extremely clean

This is without a doubt one of the most important reasons to swap to automatic pool cleaners. If you really want to have a very clean and safe swimming pool, then it is highly recommended to go for a robotic pool cleaner, instead of cleaning the water manually. Robotic cleaners are very popular these days because they definitely do an excellent job. They can remove the debris, dust, insects, bacteria, and so on from the water. These units do not only clean the water, but the walls, steps, and floor as well, which is a thing that you cannot do manually. The most innovative devices of this type feature agitating brushes that loosen debris and dirt for a deeper clean, and they come equipped with a filter that can capture particulates down to 2 microns. All in all, by using a machine like this, you will surely have a clean swimming pool at all times.

You will save precious time

Time is precious for all of us. Therefore, why lose it with the cleaning of your pool, when you have the option to get a robotic cleaner. With a machine like this, the only thing you will need to do would be to plug it on and press the start button. In some cases, you may also need to program the unit, but that’s all. You will not have to do a physical effort, you can just drink a coffee and watch how the device cleanses the water. By doing so, you will definitely save lots of precious time.

You will also save money

A good robotic pool cleaner will help you save water, chemicals, and energy. You will definitely save on water/backwashing, due to the fact that all debris is self-contained in the unit. Furthermore, you will save up to 30% on the chemicals you usually use, and up to 40% on your pool electric usage due to the fact that a robotic pool cleaner consumes per cleaning cycle just 5 cents.