Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

A great alternative to the traditional vacuum that requires your assistance in order to clean the floors and the carpets is the robot vacuum, which can do all the cleaning job all by itself. Due to the innovative features used for manufacturing the robot vacuum, now you can enjoy more free time to do whatever you want while this smart device will take care of your entire house. The most advanced robot vacuums come with all sorts of interesting features, but since there are so many models available, finding the best one for your needs may be a difficult task. Nevertheless, with the help of some helpful tips, you will surely be able to find a great device at a reasonable price.

Look at the Features

One of the main things to consider when looking for a robot vacuum is its features. Among the most important ones are its ability to climb different obstacles, like carpets, rugs, and so on, because otherwise it will get stuck and won’t go further, the capacity to sense the stairs and walls and back off in order to avoid any incidents, as well as the automatic charging facility, which enables the device to return to the base station whenever the battery runs low or the cleaning process is finished. Furthermore, another helpful feature is the programmable time, which allows you to set the unit run at a specific time in a day, for example, after you go to work, in the evening, and so on. Additionally, you can also check if the unit features a virtual wall which is an accessory used to place an invisible barrier, so the device won’t go into certain areas of the house. Last but not least, make sure your unit comes with a remote control in order to control the unit from wherever you want and that it has a slim design to fit under low furniture.

Pay a Special Attention to the Cleaning Path

Usually, a robot navigates using an integrated technology that allows it to move in a certain shape pattern in order to clean the house. Some of the most common shape patterns are circle, criss-crossing, zigzagging, spiral, or following the walls to the center of the room. Of course, there are also models which feature more advanced cleaning paths, but they may be more expensive. Some people consider that certain patterns are most efficient than the others, so before deciding on a certain model, you should also pay attention to what kind of navigation technology it uses.

Consider the Cleaning Efficiency

A robot vacuum should be able to remove the dirt very easily, but since there are so many models available on the market, you need to check some aspects before buying one. Therefore, try to look for a unit that features a strong motor because this will determine the suction strength. An ineffective device will have trouble in eliminating the dirt in one pass and it may be necessary to return to some areas in order to eliminate the dirt. At the same time, pay attention to the brushes used by the unit because they may also influence the final result. Some of the units have traditional brushes which are also called bristles, while others come with bladed brushes which are great for pet hair. However, certain units use a combination of the two brushes, for increased performance. Another option is the unit with brushless design, which uses side whiskers instead of brushed. The side whiskers move the dirt toward a small hole that plays the role of the suction area. The main disadvantage of these devices is the fact that they may not be very efficient on carpets.

Don’t Forget about the Price

When it comes to robot vacuums you should expect to pay more for top devices that come with various features. So, take a moment and consider what features you really need before actually buy a certain model. Although the most advanced robots are the most expensive, you should also know that there are some models that de a pretty good job at a more reasonable price. So, there’s no need to hurry up and choose something that you may regret in the future.