Technologies Used in Dehumidifiers

Mold and mildew inevitably appear under conditions of high humidity, and once they do appear they put everyone’s health in danger. Fortunately, we now have highly effective dehumidifiers that combat the appearance of mold and mildew by keeping humidity levels in check. If you want to learn more about these devices, read the rest of the article because here we will talk about the technologies used when manufacturing them.

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Most people are accustomed to refrigerative dehumidifiers as these types are the most common. But the truth is those desiccant models are a lot more effective at keeping the areas where you place them in dry and free of mold or mildew. These units pull in the air indoors and they pass it over a desiccant material that naturally absorbs moisture. The most common desiccant material used is silica gel as it is efficient and it doesn’t cost much either. The technology behind desiccant dehumidifiers is incredibly simple and effective, and you can find models of all sizes and strengths.

Internal humidistat that constantly tracks humidity levels

A lot of modern models feature internal humidistats that constantly track humidity levels. This technology is extremely important as it ensures that the unit will operate when it’s needed without requiring your intervention to turn it on or off. It will automatically set the intensity of the speed as well to ensure that the humidity levels will be normalized as fast as possible, so it’s clear why this technology is of an utter importance.

Dust filters that ensure a clean, safe air

Another technology that is featured in all high-end dehumidifiers these days is the fact that they feature dust filters. These filters add to the functionality of the units as they ensure that dust and other small particles will be effectively removed from the air in order to ensure your health and safety. This way, you won’t only get to benefit from having such a unit due to the fact that high humidity won’t be an issue for you anymore, but you won’t need to install an air purifier separately either as the dehumidifier has multiple functionalities.