The Latest Hacks in the Golf Field

As any golf hobbyist, you know how difficult it is to improve the quality of your game, having to work hard on many elements such as your swing and posture. Fortunately for you, there have appeared a lot of hacks lately that you can turn to in order to play better than ever. In the following lines, we will show you exactly what are the devices and gadget that you must have in your reach when you’re on the golf field to be a better player, so you must continue to read if the subject interests you.

Improve your swing fast with the help of the Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System

A golf swing analyzer is a necessity for both novice and advanced players as this gadget helps you get a better view on what you’re doing wrong and right when swinging. The best option to go with in order to ensure that you will get accurate readings and that you will be able to analyze as many different aspects of your game as possible is the Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System. This golf swing analyzer is fully automatic and it comes with 14 sensors that are paired once with each golf club. Thus, it ensures that no matter what club you use, you will receive accurate and complete data about the swing in order to improve it. Some of the most important data that it records include swing tempo, clubhead speed, drive length and face angle.

Lock onto your target easier with the Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 rangefinder

When you have long distances to the next hole, it’s hard to figure out exactly how to swing and in what direction to avoid the obstacles that lay ahead. But with the Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 rangefinder by your side, this won’t be an issue anymore as the device will allow you to zoom in on your target. The easy-to-read screen that it features displays ranges in 1-yard intervals and the unit is programmed to display the range to the furthest target among a group of targets in order to help you. It offers accurate readings over distances that range between 6 and 550 yards. Best of all, it’s waterproof, so you can use it even when the weather is bad.

Work on the power and speed of your shots with the help of the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

A detail that you won’t be aware of without the help of a special device is the speed of your swings, which is a shame considering that it’s important to know how powerful your shots actually are to better realize how you should have shot the ball in the first place to reach the target. But this can all be fixed with the help of the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar, a small device that you can own for the price of approximately $115. This swing speed indicator must be positioned about 8-10 inches away from the tee in order to take accurate speed measurements. It’s able to calculate clubhead speeds within a range of 20 to 200 miles per hour. In addition, features an easy-to-read 3-segment LCD display that ensures you will perfectly see the displayed speed even in poor lighting conditions.