Tips for Buying the Latest Dehumidifiers

It is important to breathe a clean and fresh indoor air in order to stay healthy. Mold, for example, can create lots of serious health problems, and not only. Unfortunately, many people deal with it, especially those who live in a rainy region. However, a situation like this can be avoided by getting a dehumidifier. Here are some important tips for buying the latest dehumidifiers, which will surely help you get a unit that will provide excellent results.

Consider the humidity control

You must definitely look for a unit that has automated controls which will allow you to monitor and set relative humidity levels. The optimal relative humidity in a house must be between 40% and 50% during summer and 30% and 50% during winter. Those units that come equipped with built-in hygrometers can measure relative humidity and display the number. An adjustable humidistat is also great, as it allows you to dial the desired humidity level in the room, and once you do so, the unit will automatically maintain it. If the device you choose doesn’t have these settings, then you could invest in a hygrometer to hang next to the dehumidifier. The device can cost up to $60. However, it will measure the indoor humidity so you know when to switch the dehumidifier on and off.

The water capacity is very important

Those units that have larger tubs or drip pans will need to be emptied less often, which is excellent for you. However, you should expect to pay a little more for the convenience. The more water a unit like this can extract and hold, the more it is likely to cost. Those models with front-loading buckets are easiest to empty.

Look for a unit with defrost features

What you need to do is to go for a dehumidifier that can operate very well at low temperatures. Unless you live in a region where it is warm all year round, you should consider a unit with an automatic defrost feature. The heat-exchange coils on a unit like this can frost over when indoor temperatures drop below 65 to 60 degrees F. Therefore, it is highly recommended to look for a unit that is Energy Star certified to 45 to 40 degrees. Although you may pay a little more for this feature, it will definitely spare you the expense of replacing a device damaged from iced coils.

A quiet operation is essential

Noise can be a nuisance, especially if you are going to use the dehumidifier in or near your bedroom. Devices that come with 3-speed fans operate quietly at lower humidity levels. They also save on energy costs. All these tips for buying the latest dehumidifiers, presented in this article will certainly help you make an excellent choice.